Absheron – Know This Before You Visit

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Azerbaijan’s Absheron Peninsula is a peninsula. It is home to Baku, the region’s biggest city, as well as the Baku metropolitan region, which includes the satellite cities of Khyrdalan and Sumqayit. In the Absheron province, there are three divisions, two of which are urban while one is a suburban area. It stretches 60 kilometers east into the Caspian Sea, with a wide section of 30 kilometers. Though officially the Caucasus Hills’ easternmost projection, the environment is only modestly hilly, consisting of a gently sloping plain that finishes in Shah Dili, a lengthy spit of desert that is currently designated as the Absheron National Park.

Abseron’s top attractions

The Absheron Economical Province, or Absheron, is Azerbaijan’s eastern edge region. Marco Polo also mentions Absheron’s trip in his voyages. Because this territory confronts the gorgeous Caspian Sea, resorts are naturally one of Absheron’s top attractions. Baku is, obviously, the region’s main attraction, but Absheron tourism offers a variety of other activities. Absheron is indeed known as the “Land of Fire” due to two distinct phenomena that are popular among Absheron attractions.

  • Garasu Volcanos

The mud volcanoes are the first. Many tourists to Azerbaijan are unaware that the country possesses the world’s largest concentration of mud volcanoes. 350, to be precise! The Garasu Volcano, which has been reported to spit mud approximately 1,000 meters into the air, is among the most well-known. When gases underneath the earth ramp up, they push mud up into the air as just a release, causing volcanoes. The first mud eruptions are thought to have exploded 25 million years ago in Azerbaijan, and tourists to Garasu frequently comment that it appears like the moon’s surface! Hot lava bubbles beneath the mud in these particular areas.

  • Icheri Seher

Icheri Seher, also known as “Old City” as well as “Fortress,” is a World Heritage Site in Baku’s center, where you’ll find outstanding architectural accomplishments all across this guarded quarter. Maiden Towers, which dates from either the twelfth century and was once part of Baku’s historic great wall, and Shirvanshah Castle, which was built in the thirteenth century, are two examples. Come for the architecture, and also for the handicraft, like earthenware, and fabrics, such as rugs and traditional Azerbaijani clothing. In Icheri Seher, there are so many shops to choose from if you wish to take a stroll through the city’s historic district and pick up various souvenirs.

  • Naftalan

The Naftalan resort is well-known for the medicinal effects of the Naftalan petroleum products found here, which has generated a surge in international care for the area. Visitors come here to soak in the oil or undertake a variety of oil-based therapies that are supposed to help with relieving pain and anti-inflammatory treatment, and the resort is situated in the Naftalan oil wells close to the town of Naftalan.

  • Gobustan

Because it has a prehistoric cromlech, Gobustan is very often considered the Azerbaijani equivalent of Stonehenge in the United Kingdom.

  • Sheki City

Sheki City had been a Silk Road stopover known for its fine silks as well as other textiles. This culture is still present and well in Sheki City today, with beautiful needlework and other folk art available to visitors.

  • Yanar Bulag

A visit to Yanar Bulag, a fascinating natural phenomenon located on the route between both the cities of Astara to Lankaran, is a must if you would like to observe blazing water. The pumping water out of a pipeline can catch fire due to the presence of natural gas, bringing the oxymoron of blazing water to life.

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