Best Places to Visit in Turkmenistan

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Turkmenistan is among the few places in the world with untapped tourist opportunities. Unlike its well-known Asian neighbors, the enigmatic country once pursued its own unique, true route. Those who want to learn more about Turkmenistan can find entirely new aspects of the country, as well as the country’s cultural and archaeological features, which will leave a lasting effect.

 Large geographic events occurred on the grounds of this region, and entire civilizations developed and collapsed, therefore this region contains many historical mysteries and fascinating discoveries.

In any case, any tourist would find it beneficial to know what prominent attractions are hidden in Turkmenistan’s vast territories to plan a comprehensive travel schedule. We’ve picked some best places to visit when you’re in Turkmenistan:

  • Dekhistan

The town of Dekhistan is located in Turkmenistan’s southwest, near the Caspian Sea. The municipality is built in the Misrian Valley, which possesses the most unique landscapes of every Central Asian location. Dekhistan is known for its charming old town towers and 10th and 12th features, as well as one of the earliest mosques in the early Islamic age.

  • Merv

Merv was another one of the Silk Road’s remarkable Oasis towns throughout Central Asia. According to legend, Merv was the world’s largest city in the 12th century. It is widely acknowledged that the Hindu faith arose on Mount Meru, where Hinduism proclaims to be the world’s largest center.


The Arch of Neutrality was erected in 1998 to commemorate Turkmenistan’s neutrality following its freedom from the Soviet Union.

 It stands 95 meters tall, with a golden statue of Turkmenistan’s founding president adopt. It used to be located in the city center, but then in 2010, it was relocated to the suburbs.

  • Wedding Palace

The 11-story wedding palace had been completed in 2011. Even if you can’t enter the building, it’s worth going because you might catch a glimpse of newlywed couples outside.


The carpet museum is a great place to learn about Turkmenistan’s famed red carpets and their symbolism. The world’s largest rug, weighing 1105 kilos, may also be found here.


The Turkmenbashi Ruhy Mosque, popularly known as the Gypjak Mosque, is a 15-kilometer drive from Ashgabat. It is close to the first President’s birthplace, as well as his ancestral mausoleum, which is close to this mosque.

  • Mary

Mary is Turkmenistan’s third-largest city. It is set up in the heart of the Kara Kum Deserts, beside a huge desert spring. The city’s basic fascination is the historical display hall, which houses a vast collection of antique rarities, Turkmen carpets, and national clothing.

  • Dashoguz

Dashoguz is located in the Dasoguz Region of Northern Turkmenistan. It is the meeting point for visitors to the Konya-Urgench region. When a 7-kilogram shooting star dropped in Dashoguz, the city suddenly evident.


The citadel of Old Nisa is a World Heritage Site by UNSECO because it was one of the Parthian Empire’s first cities. It is situated on a slope at the base of the Kopet-Dag Hills in an environmental area. The fort is 14 hectares in size and houses two semi-excavated Parthian-era structures: a royal mansion and temples.

  • Sarakhs

In Turkmenistan’s Ahal area, the city of Saraghs is a desert oasis town. On the Silk Road, the city was a major desert garden. Saragh is home to the grave of Sufi Abul Faz, also known as Serakhs Baba.

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