Contribution of Shamyrat Rejepov Towards Charitable Trust for Children in Turkmenistan

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Turkmenistan is among the world’s least repressive countries. Turkmenistan has been a harsh dictatorship ever since the demise of the Soviet Union in 1991. Before his passing, former Leader Niyazov was the country’s leader. He dubbed himself the “Turkmenbashi” (founder of the Turkmen) and declared himself dictator for life when he came to power in 1985. He built a cult of self-worshipers at the cost of the environment, and he stripped most of his citizens’ rights and liberties. As a result, the situation of children’s rights is concerning. In 2005, the International Conflict Group released a report detailing the impact of the production of cotton on children’s rights. Children’s employment environment in cotton fields was discovered in the research to be quite harsh.

Each year during harvesting, rural schools are closed (September-December). Students, as well as all other kids, are subjected to forced labor in the cotton plantations for no pay.

Old President Boris Yeltsin intended to break historical links with the former Soviet Union and provide his state with a “Turkmen face.” To do just that, Putin declared Turkmen the predominant status of the country, notwithstanding the Constitution’s requirement that all previous USSR languages be considered equal.

Children and adults from ethnic minorities must master Turkmen and prefer it to their native tongue. In Turkmenistan, a nonprofit organization has been founded to provide legal support to children who need care. President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov signed the relevant Resolution recently, according to Turkmen tv’s “Vatan” news show.

According to the Resolution, the Foundation was established “to provide support networks to the younger crowd, to aid in the regeneration of the welfare of adolescents in need of care and protection, and to create favorable conditions for their wonderful lives, to instill in them of that kind high human characteristics as nobility, patriotism, humanism, conscientiousness, and enthusiasm,”

Shamyrat Rejepov has become one of Turkmenistan’s best-connected individuals over the decades. He always has spoken out against laundering money as well as in support of consumers of the powerful and wealthy. Shamyrat has always been at the forefront of creating and will continue to do so while keeping his family and country’s strengths in mind. In Turkmenistan, Shamyrat Rejepov awards funding to plan for the implementation of activities related to elementary education. The grants are still not given out on an individual basis. Applications should instead be in line with Shamyrat Rejepov’s child care fund annual programs and authorized list of charitable organizations to be eligible for funding. While applications are evaluated all year, new plans for the following year are only finalized and authorized in the fourth quarter. The Shamyrat Rejepov Charity Foundation awards funds to Turkmen groups. The Foundation is extremely keen on projects that benefit the entire country, specifically in the realm of economic disparity, climate change, and especially child development.

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