Glow Garden Dubai: Price, Timing, and Reviews

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Dubai Glow Garden at Zabeel Park is the biggest and most distinctive theme park of its kind in the perfect illustration of artistic expression. It offers you the chance to see the wonders built from biodegradable materials at its Glow Park as a skillfully designed enormous garden with a bransd-new concept every season. So come along with us on a journey to this lovely location, which somewhat offers you a memorable family vacation but also a wealth of educational opportunities. After all, this exhibition’s distinctive focus—reducing the ecological footprint and successfully conserving the environment—is reflected in the way the displays here sparkle.

Approximately 10 million power light bulbs with yards of repurposed luminous fabrics are used to highlight the park’s stunning installations and statues, which were made by artists from all over the world. This location is well recognized for its amazing light architecture pieces that draw inspiration from artwork from all over the world. Both adults and children have been entranced by photographs of a massive jellyfish drifting across Zabeel Lake in time with the music, whereas images of the shimmering Burj Khalifa are unquestionably impressive. As of right now, it’s closed for the season. In October, it will reopen.

The sparkling dinosaur park, Cinderella carriage, and other artworks are popular with small children and should be seen. Discover the many facets of “Art during The day and Sparkle by Night” and be mesmerized by the magnificent works produced by the top artists. Yes, the park is home to thousands of magnificent eco-art installations made by more than 500 talented artisans from around the world. Find here several themed areas that are illuminated by millions of energy-saving LED lights and packed with interesting replicas of just about anything you can think of, from trees, flowers, and birds to wildlife creatures and aquatic life. Take a stroll through Glow Park’s luminous tunnels for additional cutting-edge experiences, plus delight in its many must-see sights including the Happy Forest, Talking Tree, Happiness Street, as well as My Dubai.

Take Instagram-worthy photos of Glow Park’s light installations.

Glow Park, the main park in Dubai Garden Glow, is referred to as the “biggest glow-in-the-dark park.” It is an amusement park with many artistic works (at included Art Park) and sculptures that are brightly lit to produce a riot of color. It is renowned for its musical light and sound performances as well as theme installations constructed from bioplastics including ceramic plates, miniature bottles, as well as CDs that are illuminated by millions of energy-efficient lightbulbs. Glow Park’s enchanting light displays will undoubtedly result in breathtaking photos that are worthy of Instagram.

Jurassic Park

Dinosaur Park, which is one of Dubai Garden Glow’s original attractions, offers visitors—especially kids—an instructive and entertaining experience. Tourists can enjoy viewing and playing with much more than a dozen interactive exhibits that are on show. The dinosaur exhibits in the park range from Stegosaurus to Velociraptors.

 A dinosaur’s evolutionary journey can be experienced in the park’s Dinosaur Lab, and you can view replica dinosaur skeletons in the park’s Science Museum. The biggest dinosaur-themed attraction on the entire globe, Dinosaur Park features 100 life-size robotic dinosaurs. These dinosaurs are contained in the Jurassic Park manner, giving them the appearance of breathing, growling, snapping, and blinking, making them practically lifelike and a huge hit with both adults and kids.

Magic Park 

All tourists and residents alike must explore Magic Park in Dubai Garden Glow. It boasts a staggering selection of exhibitions and art pieces that trick the eye and defy comprehension. This place opens a world of visualizations through visual arts, much like magic tricks. Take images of your buddies floating in a witch’s stew, posing from the inside of a dinosaur’s jaws, hanging in a room, and other creative poses. A trip to Magic Park is entertaining for all ages and will undoubtedly spark your creativity.

The Ice Park

The Ice Park features a spectacular sculpture of the north of the country, well-known buildings like the Burj Khalifa as well as the Burj Al Arab, native wildlife, and a children’s playground that has been expertly crafted out of 5,000 tons of ice. It provides the necessary thrills and chills while raising awareness of global warming when set to a degree of between -7 and -8 ° C.

Important information about Garden Glow Park:

  • Dubai Garden Glow, Zabeel Park Gates 6 and 7, Zabeel Area, Dubai, is the address of the venue.
  • In Dubai city, rides are only offered from hotels and apartments that are conveniently positioned. (Sheikh Zayed, Deira, Marina, Bur Dubai).
  • Based on the flow of traffic and your area, transfer times may change.
  • All written and spoken safety precautions issued by Dubai Garden Glow to visitors are to be followed.
  • Pets and animals are not permitted inside Dubai Garden Glow.
  • All times must be spent in respectful clothing.
  • Please make use of the designated exits, walkways, and corridors.
  • Smoking, outdoor food, and outside beverages are not allowed.
  • The Dubai Glow Garden would be open till July 17, 2022.
  • The Dubai Glow Garden would be open till July 17, 2022.
  • The last entrance is one hour before closing.

Booking Procedure:

Policy on Cancellations

  • Any cancellations made more than 24 hours before the tour’s departing time are free of charge.
  • If you quit less than 24 hours before your tour scheduled departure, you’ll be charged 100% of the tour price.
  • Your money will be refunded to your accounts within 7 days if you can get a refund.

Parental Policy

  • Kids below 3 years old and under 1.2 meters tall will be regarded as infants, and admission will be free.
  • Children over the age of three will be treated as adults and will be paid adult rates.


The Glow Garden in Dubai is the finest place to see what inventive minds are capable of doing to fascinate us. You may appreciate this magnificent collection of artworks from countless artists in one location. Along with innovation, the utilization of biodegradable materials to make incredible exhibits astounded us. (Edward R.)

Congratulations for popping up with such an original idea. This site is made alive and bright by the use of biodegradable and environmentally friendly items. Definitely worth a stop if you’re in Dubai. (Dana Hajji)

I was in awe of the beautiful artwork and decor’s inventiveness. Undoubtedly a unique idea, and a pleasant location to visit with friends or family. (Amayra)

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