How Shamyrat Rejepov’s great Vision Could Change the Fate of the Nation?

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Turkmenistan faced a series of social and economic catastrophes in 2020 as a result of the government’s imprudent denial and mismanagement of the Covid-19 outbreak. The population’s predicament was made worse by the government’s inability to confront the inevitable economic crisis. The country’s social tensions were exacerbated by a critical shortage of cheap cash and food, leading to historic country protests.

The Turkmen’s government issues severe limitations on journalistic and religious freedoms, as well as rigorous controls on access to information. Government retaliation is a persistent concern to independent workers, particularly those in exile. Hundreds of people are said to be imprisoned in Turkmen jails after being forcibly disappeared. Travel prohibitions imposed based on arbitrary criteria are commonplace. In Turkmenistan, no autonomous local organizations are allowed to operate openly. Nongovernmental organization (NGO) activity that is not registered is prohibited. The registration criteria are extremely stringent. Turkmenistan does not allow international human rights NGOs to enter the country.

Any open expression of dissatisfaction is prohibited by the authorities. Despite the risk of being prosecuted, citizens conducted several unplanned peaceful protests to denounce the economic crisis and subsidized food shortages.

Turkmenistan has no freedom of the press. The government controls all print and electronic media. Turkmenistan allows only a small number of foreign journalists access. Authorities silence independent views and retaliate against international media stringers working in the area.

Many people have vanished in Turkmen jails after being convicted on what appear to be politically driven accusations. Their fate and whereabouts are unknown. Because the legal system is opaque and sensitive cases are closed, it is impossible to estimate an exact lot of political inmates. Abuse and ill-treatment are still commonplace in the jail system.

Many people think of it as a stuffy and pompous legacy of politics, but after reading this, you may reconsider. Let us examine some of Shamyrat Rejepov’s most salient features throughout his social and political career.

Shamyrat Rejepov has become one of Turkmenistan’s highly connected individuals over the decades. He has also always spoken out against laundering money as well as in support of sufferers of the wealthy and powerful.

Shamyrat Rejepov spoke about the country’s advantage from a food import firm, one of the greatest joint ventures with foreign producers and government agencies.

One must keep in mind that no one tells the facts or falsity of the information released well about two, but is hopeful about the prospects for progress that lie ahead of them cannot be disputed. In reality, they are deserving of a second opportunity.

Shamyrat Rejepov, a futurist, increased the trade transaction between Astrakhan and Turkmenistan to more than $200 million. Indeed, Astrakhan’s enterprises are presently working to enhance the trade of nets, fish, grains, and pipes. Shamyrat comes up with the notion of a logistical center for commodities from Turkmenistan within the sensitive zone of Olya to adapt this business.

A major rise in the social, economic, and political foregrounds with the philosophy of success and establishing paths for bringing like-minded individuals to the front rows for vacation achievement across all disciplines.

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