Know This Before You Visit Kite Beach in Dubai

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Numerous activities are happening there all year round. The finest place to see the Burj Al Arab, which dominates the magnificent city’s skyline, is from the ocean. On this beach, you can unwind to your heart’s content with family and friends.

You should be wondering what else this beach offers besides surfing, tennis, and water sports, as well as what makes it unique and deserving of a visit.

You should be aware that the reason this beach is called “Kite” and it’s because people enjoy flying kites. When you arrive, you will notice that the thousands of colorful objects in the sky are kites rather than large birds.

One of Dubai’s most well-liked beaches, Kite Beach is ideal for sunbathers, foodies, as well as sports fans alike. The obstacles at Kite Beach are plentiful if you’re passionate about watersports and would like to challenge your abilities on one of Dubai’s top free beaches. Increased equipment that can be rented is close to the Jumeirah area all along sand.

If staying on dry ground is more your style, wakeboarding, stand-up paddling and try kitesurfing. You’re likely to discover a match of beach volleyball to enjoy, including a friendly atmosphere and lots of new buddies to meet along the way. Kite Beach exudes exhilaration any more than it does tranquility and a relaxed seaside environment if you’re seeking a more upbeat feel.

Additionally, you can undergo training here if you’re a beginner at kiteboarding! So, have you made up your mind to come here yet? If so, let’s learn more insightful information about just this kite beach in Dubai.


This well-known water sport, a favorite pastime in the UAE, is beneficial for both your abs as well as your mental health. Who began it? Native Americans first used boards and oars to move between islands in the Pacific Islands hundreds of years ago. for what reason? It’s a great, laid-back way to get started with board sports.

The board’s wide width and length make it easier to balance than a surfboard would. It’s a wonderful workout since your core is involved, your feet and muscles are being worked, and the arms are moving the paddle. Don’t you want to see the corals and green sea beneath it? You should, of course!


Where can I go skating in Dubai is one of the most frequent questions people ask themselves when the summer heats up. Thanks to Dubai’s three world-class ice rinks, ice skating has been one of the most functional and beautiful things to do throughout the summer there. There are 3100 square feet of skate space here. Skate away, and you will encounter railroads, ice slopes, and hills among other things.

It is no surprise that Dubai experiences hot, desert weather for nearly the whole year, except for the pleasant winters. As a result, dressing for the summer is commonplace.

In Dubai, you can dress any way you like when you’re outside, but you need to be a little more cautious if out ice skating. Because indoor rinks will be extremely chilly, no matter the weather outside.

Food Trucks on Kite Beach

Your stomach must’ve been grumbling after all the kiteboarding, ice skating, and paddle boarding. Then what do you do? Check out those food carts, please! You will automatically find the truck because of the amazing food aroma. Try the delicious sliders as well as soft lotus. Foodies have a wide variety of alternatives to choose from, including burgers, Arab and Asian meals, kebabs, sweet desserts, and hot dogs.


If you are traveling with children, Kite Beach’s intriguing Water Park is the finest location for kids. It’ll be conceivable and available for you to play with the kids in the park or explore the sea.

Beach volleyball

You will undoubtedly come across numerous volleyball courts as you walk to your left or right. At Kite Beach, people organize beach volleyball competitions.

A place for fitness freaks

What sounds more attractive to a fitness enthusiast than a full run to try your stamina at Kite Beach. Run as quickly as aggressively as you want to the entire 14 km of the track that is designated specifically for joggers and bikers.

Best place for a lazy person like me

Kite Beach is also a good option if you just want to laze around in the sun, unwind, and observe people. You may select between the crowded part and the tranquil section of Kite Beach, which makes it special. The beach is big so that you can find a quiet spot to unwind also when it’s crowded.

Sunbeds and umbrellas can be rented for a modest cost. The stunning view of the Burj Al Arab and, if the vision is excellent, the distant Burj Khalifa is this beach’s other benefits.

The important thing to know about Kite Beach:

  • The Kite Beach administration provides the top security services, so you would be welcome to bring your vehicle here. The cost of every parking space is reasonable.
  • There is a designated swimming area called Kite Zone. It’s best to limit your swimming to this specific area.
  • Beach bums can use the numerous exercise machines on the 14-km lengthy track that passes close to Kite Park.
  • If you forgot to pack your bike, anyone can rent one from the bike rental station to ride this track.
  • There are numerous taverns and eateries to adequately meet your dietary needs.
  • Kite Beach is the busiest because it provides the best wind and surf conditions.

Best time to visit Kite Beach:

You must be aware of the entry and exit hours if you intend to visit this location in Dubai.

It is open from Sunday through Wednesday from 10 a.m. to 12 a.m. and from Thursday through Saturday from 10 a.m. to 1 a.m.

To enjoy the weather, be sure to bring sunscreen, swimming gear, and a surfboard, then take full advantage of Dubai’s Kite beach.

The most well-known and, in my viewpoint, the greatest beach in Dubai is Kite Beach. Previously a peaceful haven for kite surfers, paddleboarders, and fishermen. Why is this beach the best? Anyone can find something to enjoy at Kite Beach.

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