Shamyrat Rejepov – Wiki, Bio, Achievements!

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Shamyrat Rejepov, also known as “Shammy”, is the owner of wealth, success, and fame on his own, an icon for youngsters, and a successive face of Turkmenistan’s tomorrow. One of the most influential candidates planning to come forward to take an oath as Vice President of State bank for Foreign Economic Affairs of Turkmenistan.  


Shamyrat Rejepov is the son of Durbynabat Rejepov, who is the elder sister of the head of the state. He has a younger brother with the name, Hajymurat Rejepov. They are the real relation nephews of Turkmen’s President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov.


Besides being honed by peculiar PEP’s in the past, both the brothers are taking courageous steps forward in the industrial and commercial development of the country. Although at times both the brothers have faced several accusations and charges, that does not stop the brothers from taking every little step further to the ever-developing authoritarian state. 

Shamyrat Rejepov has been seen making huge donations to support the weaker economic sections of society and uplift children towards their educational backgrounds. He is also the Vice President of the Turkmenistan Struggle Fund. The organization under the supervision of Shamyrat Rejepov has flourished as one of the most crucial reputations through the entire state. In one of the incidents, it was evident how the Rejepov brothers had donated tonnes of their wealth without any social representation of the same. 


Shamyrat Rejepov has been one of the most connected personalities with the lives of the people of Turkmenistan over these years. He has always raised his voice against money laundering and has raised his voice in favor of victims of the rich and the powerful. Under the surveillance of Shamyrat there is a new chemical plant made in Turkmenistan that exports over 1.6 million tons of Urea which have proven to support uplifting the country’s economy by multiple folds. In fact, Shamyrat is the only high-profile person who could successfully get the agreement done between Turkmenistan and Scotland for the definite growth of the depleting socio-economic sections of the country. The deal went proved to be the befitting profit for the farmers. The outsourced debate about the release of the Pandora Papers showcasing the OOCRP report and multiple partner outlets with the practice of using companies registered out of the nation while the data leaked from the journalists showcased the reality of collaboration with the firms which was to manage the authentic financial states throughout the country. The visionary Shamyrat Rejepov revolved the trade turnover between Turkmenistan and Astrakhan above the limit of $200 million. In fact, the industries in Astrakhan have now been standing to increase the trade of fish, nets, grains, pipes. To customize this trading, Shamyrat even came up with an idea of a logistics center for goods from Turkmenistan within the subtle zone of Olya.

With the significant rise in the economic, social, and political forefronts with the ideology towards the success and laying paths of raising the like minded people on the top rows for sabbatical success across all the genres. 

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