Tashkent Nightlife: 7 Best Ways to Enjoy

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Tashkent, while the most populated Central Asian city(with almost 2 million residents), has a very poor nightlife when compared to Astana or Almaty.

Even so, it’s good enough for very few days of partying while still in Tashkent.

It will be a quick rundown of the greatest bars and places to visit in Tashkent. We’ve discovered that locations open/close quickly, so keep an eye on theones we’ve listed below on Instagram or Facebook.

  • Opera Nightclub

Tashkent’s Rashidov Street is home to the Opera Nightclub. That’s one of Tashkent’s greatest disco clubs. The audience swells at the club even as the sunsets. The bar’s menu consists of a combination of Asian and EU cuisines. The venue is packed with visitors and residents; who come to the club to experience Tashkent’s greatest nightlife.

  • Pasha

Searching for a quick bite and some entertainment afterward? Pasha is the place to be. There’s a fantastic restaurant with such a full bar. If you’re by yourself, you may relax at the bar and sip your drink or order from the extensive menu. When everything is said and finished, you may go to the nightclub and party it up. Pasha regularly hosts dance performances, so you’ll see pros in action, this is the place to go.

  • Alisher Navoi Theatre

The setting is which was before World War II. This is Tashkent’s most exquisite theatre, where the biggest touring performers perform. Everything from musical acts to ballets takes place here. If you have the opportunity to visit a show, do it because it is truly wonderful.

  • Dudek Brewery Bar

The name Dudek Brewery Bar comes from the bar’s owner, Miroslav Dudek, that dedicated his whole life to the brewery. It is a unique selling point is that it solely offers traditional Czech food and freshly produced beer. Visitors from all across the country have flocked to the location. The ambiance is vibrant, with antique and refreshing cocktails as well as delectable local food. Enjoy a relaxed evening while listening to wonderful music.

  • Patrick’s Pub

Visit Patrick’s Pub in Tashkent, which is the city’s oldest pub. Soft lighting, simple yet exquisite wood floors, and charming design characterize the tavern. The bar has a wide variety of tasty meals to go along with the drinks. Enjoy the late-night lounging with your pals while tapping your feet to the exciting tunes performed at the pub.

  • Yakka Orol 

You may dine outside in a magnificent location, surrounded by greenery and trees, in Babor Park. If you feel like shaking to the beat as well as dancing to the song, there is a marble dance floor amid the seats.

  • Istiklol Street

Although it is sometimes referred to as “Broadway,” it is a pedestrian-only road on which you can buy almost anything. Do you want to buy a new film or some tourist souvenirs for your friends and family back home? This is where you’ll find it. Perhaps you’d like to relax at a cafe while an artist creates a painting of you? Yeah, it’s also available here. There’s real music playing all down the street, as well as dance spots and some excellent walking food sellers. Everything you could be interested in is accessible here, and the greatest part is that you may come as you seem to be.

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