Top 10 Charities Changing the Future of Middle East

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Giving is among the most generous and pleasant things a man could do for others. The gesture illustrates the natural empathy that all individuals possess towards one another. We are overcome by the feeling of giving when we make a charitable donation. By so doing, we break the fundamental law of charitable donations: the money should not end up in failure!

We’ll look at how you can contribute proceeds to charity in the UAE. With special restaurants bargains and all the discussion about the famous television shows, Ramadan seemed a little too commercial at moments. It’s also crucial to remember that Fasting is about kindness and giving something back.

This Ramadan probably donates to one of the following ten charities headquartered in or operating in North Africa and the Middle East.

  1. The Emirates Wildlife Association

There are several challenges to biodiversity, which all damage Mother Earth’s stunning scenery. This wildlife group is a great place to give money, particularly if you don’t want to see species go extinct. Objectives include increasing awareness of carbon footprints and influencing ecological policymaking.

  • Dubai Cares Foundation

Dubai Cares serves 60 poor nations and has a positive impact on the lives of almost 20 million people. Dubai Cares occupies a pivotal role in achieving the United Nations’ Sustainability Development Goals (SDG), which aims to ensure that all youth and children have access to high-quality education. By 2030, the (SDG) 4 also intends to promote lifelong learning. You may easily support Dubai Cares by making a donation and sponsoring a child’s future.

The Dubai Cares Foundation for Children and Women is a non-profit organization dedicated to empowering women and children.

DFWAC is indeed the UAE’s first certified non-profit refuge dedicated to providing care, safety, and assistance to children and women in the United Arab Emirates, who are victims of violence, human trafficking, and child abuse.

  • The Palestinian Children’s Relief Fund

The Palestinian Children’s Relief Fund, located in the USA and founded in 1991, seeks to alleviate the medical and economic crises that Palestinian and regional youngsters face.

Tunisia’s Charity Foundation

The group, which was founded following the Tunisian Uprising in 2011, strives to serve the most vulnerable elements of the country’s people through innovative development cooperation activities.

5-     Egyptian Food Bank Foundation

The Egyptian Food Bank, which focuses on hunger across Egypt, works to address the issues that prolong hunger while also delivering food to people in need.

6-     Lebanon’s Children’s Cancer Center

Child cancer Center in Lebanon, which is affiliated with St. Jude Child’s Medical Hospital in the USA, delivers therapy and hospital attention to disadvantaged children afflicted with cancer.

7-     Palestinians receive medical assistance.

Medical Assistance for Palestinians is a non-profit organization that strives to improve the condition and very well of Palestinians in Gaza by collaborating with regional health care facilities professionals to address a variety of health problems and challenges. In addition to Beirut, Jerusalem, Gaza City, and Ramallah.

8-     The UAE Water Foundation

Suqia UAE, the UAE Water Aid Organization, is a non-profit organization that has impacted the lives of over 13 million inhabitants in 36 countries throughout the world who are dealing with difficulties such as water shortages. Aside from providing clean water, the organization also identifies resilient and innovative solutions that can contribute to the global water problem’ solution.

9-     Toy Run by Marwa Fayed

Do you even have old toys from your youth or undesired toys from your kids lying all around the house? Marwa Fayed’s Toy Run helps poor children in Egypt and five other countries across the world by distributing toys.

10-  The Migrant Recreation Center as well as the Anti-Racism Campaign

The Anti-Racism Society, established with young activists in Lebanon, collaborates with migrant local leaders to record, analyze, and uncover racist acts in the country. Workers can meet, attend courses, socialize, organize, network, discuss concerns, and have celebrations and activities in the Migrant Cultural Center, which was established by the movement.

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