Top 10 Coffee Roasters in Dubai (Must Visit)

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In recent years, the Middle East had already obsessed with coffee beans, resulting in the establishment of many top coffee roasters as well as shop chains in Dubai. Whether you choose to unwind with a delicious cup of coffee or meet up with friends over a cup, Dubai has coffee roasters and shops for you. We’ve compiled a list of a few of Dubai’s greatest coffee roasters and shops.

Cafe Younes’ Black Coffee

With roots dating back to the 1930s in Beirut, this third-generation coffee store recently opened in Dubai. Here at the Cafe Younes they roast the fresh coffee beans on-site and offer a variety of types and intensities to suit each taste, from Lebanese or French to the hearty Power Breakfast mix.

 Dubai Coffee Museum

In another one of Dubai’s history districts, Al Fahidi, there is a whole museum devoted to coffee. You must take a tour and learn about coffee’s origins and progress. They provide a practical demonstration of various roasting as well as brewing techniques, as well as antiques available for purchase in their Museum Shop.


Alchemy is a locally owned and operated coffee business in Dubai, housed in a gorgeous mansion with a pool that helps you feel more at home. It’s a fantastic site to get snapped with your family and friends, and of obviously, taste their homey coffee, which is produced from particular scenario farms, thanks to the hardwood and marble decor and the fragrance of coffee all around and.


Orit Mohammed, the creator of Boon, comes from a long line of Ethiopian coffee traders. At this JLT roaster-café, try her natural, single-origin blends.

Boston Street

With a pitch-perfect Magical coffee and Aussie favorites like mashed avocado and cozy toasties, this Instagram – worthy cafe in The Pavilion, Al Quoz, gives you a glimpse of Melbourne coffee houses.

Spill the Bean

Spill the Bean, a local coffee business in Dubai that was originally headquartered in Dubai Sunset Mall, delivers outstanding coffee that is 100% organic. There’s also a row of bookcases in the background with a selection of decent books for book lovers to peruse while sipping their coffee.

Raw Coffee Shop

In Dubai, Raw Coffee Company sells freshly roasted coffee beans, as well as brewing methods and materials. They’ve opened a coffee cafe in Dubai with espresso plus brew bars, as well as a wonderful audio system and wifi, serving Rocket Energy sources for some on the run and container nitro-infused iced coffee featuring flora scents or a chocolatey end for those that want to relax and unwind over your coffee.


The Brass is a collaborative coffee shop developed by Dubai residents for Dubai residents, and its location, large menu, and coffee all represent the same philosophy—the celebration of East blends West cafe culture. Brass is seeking the help of freelance SEO specialist to promote their coffee business online and that’s what making them more successful in this competitive market. They have their signature assortment of beverages including multicultural treatments, in addition to the basics like cappuccino as well as a latte.


This Drop coffee shop is a fashionable modern café with a minimalist aesthetic design, dining tables and counters, marble tabletop, and coffee tables. They only serve specialty coffees, which are accompanied by delectable pastries and treats that match the beverage wonderfully.


Charade is one of a slew of new board game cafés springing up from across the city, every promising hour of fun in addition to their unique meals. The menu at Charade is characterized by all-American fares, such as tasting menus and fully loaded drinks, and the shelves are stocked with games, cards, and puzzles to appeal to all types of gamers.

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