Top 7 Charity Foundations in the Middle East

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The Middle East’s kids are shouldering the cost of the world’s worst heinous wars. To save people has worked in the Middle East for many years, dealing with both humanitarian catastrophes and long-term requirements. Despite advances, the Middle East has the biggest number of kids forcibly displaced by violence, according to Global Childhood Survey, with Syria and Yemen being two of its most dangerous nations for children in wars. We are addressing the enormous needs of disadvantaged children in the Middle East because of donor funding.

1-     The Mansour Foundation for Advancement

The Mansour Foundation for Advancement is a non-profit organization dedicated to development. The only non-profit donation organization dedicated to education, capacity building, and health that is entirely supported by an Egyptian household. Youth empowering initiatives, female leadership efforts, entrepreneurship start-ups, corporate volunteer activities, youth training sessions, health initiatives, and educational grants and fellowships have all been supported by the foundation.

2-     Misr Al-Kheir Foundation is a non-profit organization founded by Misr Al-K

Misr Al-Kheir aims to address all six areas of human development, including health, innovation, scientific research, education, social solidarity, other areas of life, in the hopes of eradicating unemployment, ignorance, poverty, and sickness for all afflicted families.

3-     The Abdulla Al Ghurair Education Foundation

A few of the UAE’s most well-funded educational ventures. They collaborate with Emirates Foundation on a program called online digital platforms and the “Young Thinkers Program” to help students prepare for university and careers.

4-     The Khalifa Foundation is a non-profit organization

According to the online webpage, the Foundation’s objective is “Pioneering Initiatives for Welfare,” and its programs are focused on local, regional, and international health and education. The foundation‘s educational method involves sponsoring vocational educational programs in regional countries, child protection, health needs, and care, and worldwide water distribution.

5-     Dar-Al-Ber Society is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting

Dar Al Ber Society helped roughly 26 countries 15,000 families in 2011, investing $61.4 million of its $66.4 million total income on charity activities. Dar Al Ber Organization was founded in 1978 by several wealthy UAE residents, with contributions serving as its primary source of income. Since its inception, the group has aided over 80,000 people and completed 30,000 projects in only the last four years. The society is a semi-government charity with an eight-member governing body, all of whom were nominated by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the UAE’s prime minister and ruler of Dubai.

  • Tamkeen 

The Jordanian-based organization aimed at improving safeguards and safety for vulnerable people, irrespective of race or background. Furthermore, the organization’s additional goals of combating human trafficking including promoting the value of human rights are becoming more vital than ever.

  • Sheikh Abdullah Al-Nouri Charity Society is a charitable organization founded by Sheikh Abdullah Al-Nouri.

The Sheikh Abdullah Al Nouri Charity Society was founded in the months following Sheikh Abdullah Al Nouri’s death in 1981, an organization that embodied his spirit and commitment to philanthropic endeavors. In 2011, the group earned over $20 million in total revenue, about $17 million of which has been contributed to charity causes. Today, the group concentrates its efforts on assisting persons trapped in politically unstable nations including Jordan, Lebanon, and Syria. About 14 Islamic schools, 160 mosques, including 12 Islamic institutions have been established by the organization since its founding. It has also supported over 300 students as well as 115 teachers from 26 different nations.

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