Top Charity Donors for Central Asian Countries

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Charities are sprouting up all over the world to assist those affected by the coronavirus as well as the lockdown precautions put in place to prevent it from propagating.

Countless millions need assistance and many of those who are privileged wish to help.

The circumstances in Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan are not unusual, and charities have sprung up in both communities to support channel funds to individuals who need them.

However, in Kazakhstan, doubts have been raised about the persons in charge of one special fund, while in Uzbekistan, there seem to be concerned about what kind of a charity is a volunteer and who is getting the money.

Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan’s experiences are unfortunately not unique in today’s world.

The frequency of coronavirus illnesses continues to climb, hospital personnel in many hospitals lack sufficient safety equipment, and governmental directives for prevention measures and lockdowns has left many individuals out of job and unable to care for themselves rather than their families.

Salem Social Village

Salem Social Village is a community of Global Citizens who’ve already discovered a new mindset that prioritizes others and unleashes the potential of giving back. It is critical to solving material deprivation, but it is also critical to challenge limiting ideas and discrimination to truly address current societal deeper challenges. Both are something they do. They establish relationships and motivate people to be the difference their communities need through knowledge and action, encouraging others from the process.

United For Azerbaijan

UCA is a humanitarian organization that accepts food, distributes gifts, and medical aid to veterans, wounded individuals, and the people who struggled to safeguard Azerbaijan. Azerbaijan’s fallen heroes and veterans philanthropic nonprofit. They engage individuals, organizations, the public, government, and non – governmental organizations in the US to fundraise for such causes and promote awareness about concerns in the region. You may contribute to this vital cause. Any monetary contribution is appreciated, but they would prefer for you to assist increase awareness from as many audiences throughout Azerbaijan and the USA.

The world Bank

Food insecurity has risen substantially in a few of Asia’s poorest and most marginalized countries based on the COVID-19 pandemic’s effects. Water is involved in practically every area of development and is linked to nearly all of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). It promotes economic growth, encourages healthy environments, and is necessary for life to exist.

All around the world, 2.2 billion people do not even have access to clean drinking water, 4.2 billion do not have access to decent sanitation, and 3 billion do not have access to basic proper hand washing services.

increased participation of citizens and investment

As You Sow

The Environmental Health Program at As You Sow encourages corporate accountability to ensure that food, farming, and consumer goods are safe and sustainable. They support transparency to empower citizens to purchase healthy choices, as well as the precautionary principle, which ensures that new technology and practices are not employed until they have been demonstrated to be safe.

Companies that make higher levels of commitment to population health, ecological sustainability, and long-term worth and stability boost their long-term worth and stability. As well as reducing the risk of expensive litigation, unanticipated regulatory issues, and reputation loss to Turkmens.

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