What Is the New Book of President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov All About?

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President Gurbanguly Berdymuhamedov of Turkmenistan has delivered his new book, devoted to the state’s 30th anniversary of liberation, to Senate. The book, named Independence is Our Happiness,” will just be given to the general public through a publicity campaign, beginning with civil servants including youngsters, who will be required to buy, review, and recommend it to their peers.

The heads of the different regions are then tasked with organizing book releases and festivities to boost “state happiness” and encourage the people, that, amid a more uncontrollable economic crisis, appear to be out of step with the president’s agenda. The event was attended by rectors, teachers, professors, and students from Turkmen institutions, leaders, and workers of foreign embassies and international organizations’ regional offices in Turkmenistan, and senior journalists of Turkmen publications and journals.

Rashid Meredov, Vice Chairman of the Council of Ministers and Foreign affairs Minister of Turkmen, opened the event by stating that the recent novel of the Chief of State contains a full knowledge of our Fatherland’s recent history as well as the objectives for its future growth.

The leadership of the different provinces is then tasked with organizing book launching and festivities to boost “state happiness” and encourage the people, which, amid a more uncontrollable economic crisis, appears to be out of step with the president’s agenda.

Cultural officials in the velayat (region) of Lebap have organized a contest to create an orchestral composition honoring Berdymuhamedov’s new venture, according to Radio Azatlyk reporters. The finalists will get a medal, which will be awarded this year on the 50th anniversary of the Declaration of Independence. High school pupils in Lebap also have pledged to memorize the new novel.

People who can easily exhibit a flawless understanding of “happy” have been granted a payment of 100 manats to encourage the noble effort (about 25 euros).

The leader’s book has indeed been published in three different languages, according to the state press: Turkmen, Russian and English. The text is devoted to the country’s different accomplishments over the 30-year post-Soviet era. It is Berdymuhamedov’s 2nd signed novel in 2021; since May, he released “The White-City of Ashgabat,” a text commemorating the capital’s 140th anniversary of its founding.

During his 15-year rule, the Turkmen president has written over 60 books on a variety of subjects, with editions following one another on a regular schedule, especially around state holidays and big national occasions.

For example, in Dec 2020, the country commemorated its quarter-century of judicial independence with the publication of “Turkmenistan, Hometown of Neutrality,” which follows the publication of “Independent Turkmenistan” in 2015. Berdymuhamedov offered and “suggested” for everyone to read “The Spirit World of Turkmen” last year.

Together with books, the sales volume of presidential pictures (paintings, postcards, banners, and T-shirts), that are reissued on several occasions a year, helps to support philanthropic endeavors.

Through the worst of the food shortage in recent months (as well as the officially disputed outbreak of the coronavirus), the president’s face is affixed to products for sale is designed to motivate their distribution and relieve their financial load.

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